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EVOLVE with the Mevolution 12-week Program

Women today feel a lot of pressure to succeed in most every aspect of their lives. This pursuit of “having it all” causes many to feel anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted and burned out. Work, family, education, money, relationships, life, future, past... There's an infinite amount of things to worry about.The constant pursuit of trying to create some semblance of a perfect life would leave anyone exhausted, stressed out, unsatisfied and generally frustrated.The Mevolution 12-week Program has been designed to guide you through a journey of relaxation, release and empowerment.

How participants felt after using the Mevolution techniques

Less stressed

Gained clarity

Felt more motivated (Some already felt 100% motivated)

Felt less anxious

Felt less stressed 6 months later

Mevolution gives you step-by-step guidance on how to create sustainable success - in life and in business. The extensive approach of this program allows you to come out the other end with much greater clarity and forward momentum.After using the skills and techniques delivered throughout the Mevolution Program, participants were asked to give feedback on how they felt.


Hi Richard, I just wanted to say that I thought your course was brilliant, I have been telling all my colleagues about it – I have never felt so relaxed and positive.


University Lecturer, Hull, UK

I experienced many positive changes both during and after my course. I continue to listen to the MP3s and would absolutely recommend Richard to others.


Entrepreneur, Brisbane, Australia

I was seeking a change in my life, my business was at a stand still. The change in me is remarkable. I have shifted and the momentum for business success, joy, and passion has just exploded. I am so grateful, Thank you!


Paediatric Doctor, Georgia, USA

One of the best things I ever did was to go see Richard. He has helped me change my entire life and I have never felt happier and so positive about my life, my business  and my future.


Business Owner & Model, Brisbane, Australia